Friday, October 19, 2007

BBB Process - Response & Rebuttal

When I read Dan's response, I can honestly say I was not surprised. I mean what did I think he was going to say. "Sure, now that I have heard from the BBB I will take care of the Partingtons right away".

Please, of course he did not admit to anything or offer any kind of settlement. It is all Travis and Kim's fault.

What I am trying to say is when you or I deal with a contractor is understand while this is a personal, emotional, situation you have to have thick skin and look at the response with detachment.

This is easier said than done. Even though I have everything documented and can articulate my position, and have the full support of my wife, reading the things Dan wrote is not easy to take.


The Better Business Bureau offer customers the option to rebute the response from the business. Customers have 10 days to provide a rebuttal. I am going to provide a rebuttal to state our position. We will see what happens.

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