Friday, September 14, 2007

30 Day Demand Letter - Time expired

I sent the contractor the 30 day demand letter 31 days ago. The letter was signed for on 08/13/07 by the contractor. We have not heard from him during the 30 day time period. It is time to proceed as planned.

About Demand Letters - FYI A layman's definition

A demand letter is exactly that. It is letter written by a legal entity or person to declare the through some one's actions or inaction damages have been suffered. The letter should detail the damages and the relief expected. Regardless of who (lawyer or customer) is writing the demand letter, the letter must be written, sent certified mail, and 30 days must be allowed to expire before taking any additional action.

This allows the other party to respond to the demand letter. That is not to say the response will be acceptable to the letter writer; however, a response usually demonstrates a willingness to work the issue out between the two parties or with the services of an arbitrator.

If no response is received from the recipient at the end of the 30 day period several options are available to the person who is claiming damages.

My intention is to follow through on the options available to me.

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