Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Better Business Bureau - Complaint Sent

I filed the complaint last night against the contractor. It could not have been easier. The website walks you through what to do and give you the contact information for the nearest BBB office. I can log onto the BBB website anytime to see the status of complaint.

Having the 30 day demand letter on hand was a good reference to frame the complaint and what I wanted for a successful conclusion to the issue. Also being able to state Dan's response or lack of response to the letter (Note: There was no response)was a bonus for stating my case.

The BBB will contact the contractor and attempt to get his side of the story. They will mail him the contents of my complaint. Dan can respond as he could have to the demand letter or simply choose not to acknowledge it in any way. This process takes 15 - 35 days from the time the complaint was filed.

Will anything come out this? I don't know, but I am trying to take all action I can before I go to the Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing Department.

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